Easy for first time people

In High Trade FX, we are enriching various functions so that even the first person can easily deal with us. In addition to various charts and comparative analysis functions, it is also possible to easily perform real-time spread quantification. There are no restrictions on usage restrictions of EA and scalping. High Trade FX is able to answer a wide range of needs. Of course, we also prepared a robust one so that customers can use it with confidence.

It is safe for first-time users

High Trade FX has established a system of robust security and support so that even the first person can trade with confidence. We place importance on conducting safe and secure transactions for customers by thinking first of the safety of personal information and funds.

Easy deposit / withdrawal

High Trade FX is fully compatible with credit cards. It is possible for anyone to easily start trading. Of course bank remittance is also possible, so even if you do not have a credit card you can open an account.

Easy to understand system

High Trade FX that can use MetaTrader 4 can respond to various demands of traders. It should be settled instantaneously, including clarifying charts that have been complicated so far.

Our full support system will support traders

Fraud monitoring system

Account management system

Quick polite accommodation

At the same time that you trust secure and safe, High Trade FX,

We have various support systems in order to make customers better trade.

High Trade FX aims to create the best environment.