Forex trading in mobile device applications

With High Trade FX, you can also trade on Android devices, smartphones such as iPhones, tablet terminals such as iPad, etc. with MT 4 application provided by Metatrader 4 (MT 4). In addition to being able to manage trading accounts and trading accounts for mobile devices of High Trade FX, equipped with essential functions of traders such as more than 30 technical indicators for market analysis, financial news, mail function Doing. Whenever, wherever you are, FX trading is possible because the functionality of High Trade FX’s mobile device application is substantial. Download_on_the_App_Store_JP_135x40ja_app_rgb_wo_60

Real time pricing from the FX market

Diverse trading order method including limit price and inverse price

Supports all types of transaction settlement mode

Search all transaction history

Technical analysis

 High-speed graphics optimized for high resolution

24 analysis tools

Scalable, scrollable real-time chart

Mutual quoting charts that can be set for different elements such as bars and transaction volume / grid

Scalable, scrollable real-time chart

30 indicators

Graphically configurable technical indicator such as color, line width etc

Three kinds of charts: bar chart, candlestick chart, line chart

Other features

Easy to use interface

Toolbox window to display transaction, account history, mailbox, news, journal

Push notification from the PC version MT 4 terminal and community service, and correspondence with past push notification display. Message classification reception system including 5 categories such as chat, broker, terminal, community and others

Minimal traffic

Hidden placement and non-display setting of chart

Display transaction level and transaction volume on chart

Chat function with registered user

Please download Metatrader 4 to your iPhone and make trading at the timing of your choice anytime anywhere in the world.   Download from the App Store Download_on_the_App_Store_JP_135x40    Download from Google Play ja_app_rgb_wo_60