Pacific Investments Private Limited RISK DISCLOSURE December 2015 Trading Involves Risk of Loss The high level of risk that is involved with trading foreign exchange on margin may not always be found suitable by investors. Pacific Investments Private Limited encourages you to attentively consider your objectives, financial status, and level of knowledge before trading. Our website is not necessarily aimed to provide a personal advice. The risk of loss of some or all of your deposited funds does exist and possible; therefore, you should only speculate with capital that you can afford to lose.Pacific Investments Private Limited encourages you to seek advice from an independent financial advisor when appropriate. Internet Trading Risks When you use an internet-based deal-execution trading system, you must be aware of the risks associated with such an exercise. This includes, but is not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and internet signal. Since Pacific Investments Private Limited  does not control internet connectivity, quality of client hardware or reliability of its connection,Pacific Investments Private Limited is not responsible for communication (signal) issues, delays or distortions when trading.Pacific Investments Private Limited minimizes the possibility of system failure by implementing back-up systems and contingency plans. Mobile Trading Risks Mobile connectivity when trading is inherently more susceptible to latency and order duplication issues.Pacific Investments Private Limited is not liable for any delays in execution. Mobile signal quality will vary from time to time and depending on location, which must be factored in by clients when trading via a mobile device. Pacific Investments Private Limited Execution Pacific Investments Private Limited provides execution of Forex trades through a straight through processing (STP), or no dealing desk execution model (NDD). By using this model,Pacific Investments Private Limited offers its clients the best prices that are provided by one ofPacific Investments Private Limited’s liquidity providers with a fixed mark-up for each currency pair. Furthermore, in this model,Pacific Investments Private Limited does not operate as a market marker in any currency pairs. While seeking to fill all orders at the requested rate,Pacific Investments Private Limited will provide you the best execution possible (available). As a result of an increase in volume or volatility at times, it is possible that orders will experience slippage when executed. Margin Calls Please remember that Pacific Investments Private Limited does not provide margin call warning to traders before liquidating open positions. Margin calls occur once your usable margin reaches zero. This happens when your loss decreases your equity account to a level of equal or under your margin requirement. Consequently any margin call follows liquidation unless specified differently.