Flow of withdrawal Regarding payment to High Trade FX, it is protected by robust security. It is possible to make money from special form. The minimum deposit amount is 5,000 yen. If you have not opened an account, we will open an account for the first time.

Open an account here

Deposit with credit card When depositing money to a trading account using a credit card, please carry out the following three steps

Step 1 To payment-specific form

Step 2 Enter credit card information · deposit amount

Step 3 Reflected in trading account! !

※ Since it takes time to reflect payment, please note in advance
※ Please enter the yen when entering the deposit amount. We will reflect the circle you input in MT4 account.
※ VISA · MASTER can be used.
※ One payment possible amount is 1,000 yen ~ 200,000 yen.
* Card payment settlement time For dollar conversion, the exchange fee will be charged from 5% to 10% of settlement amount. Also, there will be differences in invoiced amounts due to the exchange rate for that day.


Deposit with deposit request form In order to deposit money to the trading account with the deposit request form, please carry out the following 4 steps

Step 1 Enter payment request page

Step 2 We will send you an e-mail with information on the transfer destination from our company.

Step 3 Customer’s transfer to bank account

Step 4 After confirming the arrival of money by our company, start a trade! ! (It may take several business days to confirm)

Withdrawal request When withdrawing from the trade account, please proceed from the following withdrawal request form.

Step 1 Payment request page input

Step 2 Confirmation of landing