High Trade FX is a company that provides financial services (Forex, CFD, commodity, index, brokerage hedge, various cards, fund management, money management) to the international market.

Transaction summary
Product name High Trade FX
Contract form OTC transaction (relative transaction)
Transaction system Internet (PC / Smartphone / Tablet)
Transaction time

United States Daylight Saving Time: Japan Time Monday 6:15 to Saturday 5:45
United States Winter time: Japan time Monday 7:15 to Saturday 6:45

※ Rates will be delivered around 6:00 (around 7:00 in the case of winter time) but please understand beforehand that there is no promise or rate not flowing because the liquidity of the market is thin.

maintenance 【Maintenance time】

● US Daylight Saving Time: Saturday Japan Time 5: 45 – Monday 6: 15

● US Winter Time: Saturday Japan Time 6:45 to Monday 7:15

* During the maintenance, rate distribution is stopped, and the order is not decided.

* Emergency maintenance will be carried out as necessary as necessary.

trading currency 52 currency pair
Transaction unit You can trade all 52 currency pairs from all 1,000 currency units (0.01 Lot).
Transaction limit New: Maximum order quantity of 1 transaction is 100 Lot settlement: Maximum order quantity of 1 transaction by streaming and ordering is 100 Lot * excluding loss cut time.
Deposit currency Japanese yen
Leverage 1,000 times
Transaction fee free
Account maintenance fee free
Deposit / withdrawal fee Deposit: Customer burden / withdrawal: Customer burden
Cover point CFH CLEARING
Response in case of failure Only when payment is posted on the website after our company separately acknowledged in case of system failure, settlement only order accepted
Forex trading system MT 4 (installation type)
Order type Streaming · Delivery · Limit · Inverse Limit
Loss cut When the margin maintenance rate becomes 100% or less
One click order You can specify it from the environment setting.
Settlement position designation Possible (Optional Lot Settlement, Position Selection Settlement)
Both Possible
Expiration date of the order Indefinite period designation
Windows window 7 or later
Macintosh Mac OS X 10.7 or later
CPU 2.80 GHz or higher processor
memory 2 GB or more
Monitor resolution Display capable of displaying 1024 × 768 or more
Internet line Broadband line or more
iPhone application OS: iOS 6 or higher
Android application OS: 4.0 or higher
Rate display 2 Way indication