About dealings (trading)

  • Is there a maximum limit on the number of transactions?

    The maximum number of transactions in an account is unlimited. However, the maximum number of transactions for one trade is 100 lots. In the case of quantities of 100 lots or more, it is necessary to trade in two or more. ※ 1 lot is 100 thousand currency unit.

  • Can I use EA?

    Since High Trade FX does not set usage restrictions of EA, you can use EA.

  • Is scalping possible?

    In High Trade FX, there is no regulation concerning scalping, so it is possible to perform scalping.

  • When the account becomes negative. How can I get a minus?

    If the account balance becomes negative, you have to pay in addition. * We subtract the minus amount at the time of payment, and reflect the difference amount in the account.

Regarding the opening of an account

About MT4

  • How can I download MT 4 for PC?

    The download destination link is in the e-mail containing the account information sent after the account opening is completed.
    ■When trading from PC
    Please download MT4 from, please login.

  • How do I log in to MT 4?

    Please refer to the e-mail containing the account information sent after opening account.

  • What if I can not log in to MT 4?

    Please connect to the following server due to malfunctioning destination server.

    Name of the server to connect to:PacificTrade-Live2

    Start up MT 4 on your PC and select “Demo Account Application” from the “File” on the upper left menu and select PacificTrade – Live 2 for the server, or directly to the server name with PacificTrade – Live 2 Enter and select.

    Please enter your login ID and password.

    Then, again, select “Log in to trading account” from “File” in the upper left menu
    Please try logging in.

    At that time, please select PacificTrade-Live2 as the server name.

    If you can not log in using the above method, sorry to trouble you, but please uninstall MT4 once, at that time check the delete user information, please uninstall it, install again Could you please?

  • If you have a demo account, do I have to install a new account after opening a trading account?

    If you have a demo account, you do not need to install a new account after opening a new account.

About mobile

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About withdrawing method (credit card)