Features of High Trade FX

Leverage 1000 times

One of the features of High Trade FX is “the highest peak leverage 1000 times”. We own know-how to maximize capital and state-of-the-art system. We will achieve the goal quickly while avoiding various unexpected factors in the exchange market. The quality and support of our service is high standard that the government accepts.

Authorization of offering FX transactions from Maldives government

Because it is a government registered company approved by the government, we can offer safe and secure service of FX trading!

Multiple deposit / withdrawal methods

The method of depositing and withdrawing is useless unless it is many and quick. In order to respond flexibly according to the action of deposit withdrawal, High Trade FX has multiple payment and withdrawal methods, and has prepared a system to respond to trader’s request.

Commitment rate 99.998%

In High Trade FX, almost no thing will not happen. In FX trading, as emphasizing that the purchase and sale orders you submitted are executed as specified, it became possible to kick out phenomenal figures with a contract rate of 99.998%.

Extensive support system will support traders

Fraud monitoring system

Account management system

Quick polite accommodation

At the same time that you trust secure and safe, High Trade FX,

We have various support systems in order to make customers better trade.

High Trade FX aims to create the best environment.