Completely compatible with Creca payment

Since payment from credit card is also perfect correspondence, it is possible to do FX transactions easily!

Account opening is the shortest one day!

It is possible to shorten the time required to open an account! There are few cases that will be kept waiting for many days before opening an account.

Authorization of offering FX transactions from Maldives government

Because it is a government registered company approved by the government, we can offer safe and secure service of FX trading!

Domestic remittance (receipt and payment) complete correspondence! !

It also fully corresponded to domestic remittance (deposit / withdrawal). Corresponding to this, traders think "what is troublesome" is already goodbye.

The best power Metatrader 4 makes possible

High Trade FX offers "Meta Trader 4 (MT 4)" which is the most used FX platform in the world. The FX Platform MT4 developed by MetaQuotes Inc. has many functions that are indispensable for trading such as real-time charts, live exchange rates, one-click transactions. Please feel the true ability with your bodily sensation.

Forex trading in mobile device applications

With High Trade FX, you can also trade on Android devices, smartphones such as iPhones, tablet terminals such as iPad, etc. with MT 4 application provided by Metatrader 4 (MT 4). Whenever, wherever you are, FX trading is possible because the functionality of High Trade FX's mobile device application is substantial.

Flow of withdrawal

Regarding payment to High Trade FX, it is protected by robust security. It is possible to make money from special form.